Saturday, September 10, 2011

Free Arctic Warfare Caitlyn skin (US Only) in November 2011 Issue of PC Gamer Magazine and Dominion is Coming!

You’ll need the November issue of PC Gamer if you want this exclusive Arctic Warfare skin for Caitlyn. If you haven’t already unlocked the Sheriff of Piltover, the code will unlock her, too!

This great thing will include: Exclusive Caitlyn skin (Arctic Warfare Caitlyn), it will also give you some tips and tricks on how to dominate in Dominion Mode, know more about Diablo 3 and many other amazing stuff!

PC Gamer code for Arctic Warfare Caitlyn WILL NOT be transferable to the EU platforms. Here is a quote from Tekkichi:

“Hello summoners,
Caitlyn Arctic Warfare skin will be avaible only in US edition of the PC Gamer magazine.
Code on skin that will be in US edition of PC Gamer will be only working on NA servers.
Caitlyn Arctic Warfare skin will be temporary exclusive and it will be avaible in shop in the future.
About similiar action in Europe we are now analyzing possibilities to organize similiar promotion in the future.
About polish market Riot don’t want to neglect it. However currently we don’t have anything in this topic to say. Please be patient and wait till official game release on the polish market .


Pr0 said...

This is a great deal! I want this Cait skin soo bad! :)

Anonymous said...

No for EU? They better make similar like for US! Otherwise... imma get angry bird!

Anonymous said...

I will buy this magazine just for Caity skin :P

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