Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Does EOD Bot XP Glitch in Battlefield 3 Work Anymore?

After many enemies killed, vehicles destroyed, flags captured, and others... I finally got my EOD Bot unlocked as an Engineer! But the question is: Does this famous glitch that nearly everyone knows about it, work? The answer is: NO. I am going to explain about this right now and the little "story" to those that did not know about this glitch.

When Battlefield 3 was released, everyone that bought the game, got excited to level up quickly, playing with different classes. There comes the problem: someone thought about this bug and tested it. How did this work? You could do this with your partner or by yourself. With partner: Your partner must have EOD Bot and you should have repairing tool. Game mode: Mostly Conquest and in Hardcore Match so your partner can shoot at EOD Bot. That's right! Your partner shoots the bot and you repair the bot! In this way, you will get lots of points! By yourself: I've tried this. You must have EOD Bot unlocked. Again, Conquest and Hardcore Match. Go to a location that you can remember and press suicide. After that, switch your weapon from EOD Bot, to Repairing Tool Kit. Once done with it, respawn and go to that location you committed suicide. After you've reached there, your second step is to re pick your kit you had before (the one you had EOD Bot in it), you should spawn that bot, press "leave" button, re pick your kit with Repairing Tool Kit, shoot at your Bot and repair!

Here is a video on how you could have managed to do this:

Back to the main question that you've been looking for: It does not work, I've tested it and it does not work like in the video. If you are going to try it, it's going to function for a little time. After you get somewhere to 300 XP, it's going to stop getting XP. Alright, so: Does EOD Bot XP glitch work? Let's put it as NO. Dice has patched this (fixed it). If Dice would ignore this glitch, it wouldn't be fun anymore and everyone would use it, ruining the game.


GigaPro said...

Be sure to share it out with your friends! Don't keep it secret! Share it out! :)

Anonymous said...

Good thing to know that they fixed this... no more cheaters :P

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