Thursday, May 10, 2012

Black Ops 2 Zombies Finally Revealed!

There are coming so many leaks about Black Ops 2 lately and the game will be released after six months! People are becoming crazy about it but guess what? I have lots of announcement about Black Ops 2 ZOMBIES! You heard it right! We may finally know some stuff about it.

There will be a whole different looking Zombie Mode Gameplay. New guns, new Zombie looks, new maps and so on in which I will explain it right now!

Pack A Punch (Cost 1000): "What's this thing?" Well, basically, you can "pack a punch a gun" which increases the damage, ammo capacity, etc. 

Now, this is very important machine in a Zombies mode. With this, if some people are not familiar with Zombie Mode on Call of Duty, like I mentioned before, you can increase a damage of the weapon you have, combine weapons to a better one, and you will have extra ammo capacity to shoot. On the beginning, you won't have a chance to "pack a punch a gun" but as you get more points, you will have a chance to do it. So what's up with Pack a Punch on Black Ops 2? 1000 Points cost and of course, you will have whole new weapons to choose!

New 5 Zombie Maps: Well, I honestly still don't know about what kind of map there will be. I will be sure to update this post when I hear something about Black Ops 2 Zombie Maps. It may include Der Reise, since it's big but who knows! Also, I actually heard that Black Ops 2 will have some DLC Zombie Map Packs! What do you think about that? Is it bad? Good? Write in a comments below!

Those are not all! I will keep updating this post until I find a good amount of sources or information! So stay tuned and be sure to comment and subscribe!

BONUS: Want to know more about Black Ops 2 Zombies? Check out this video! Just download a txt file, and there is a link in it! Click Here!


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