Saturday, August 25, 2012

Error 42 Guild Wars 2: Why is this happening?

Guild Wars 2 has finally been released for us that Pre-Purchased the game and as we were playing and leveling our characters, we suddenly got kicked out (most of us anyways). You might be asking: "Why is this happening?" It's due to the fact that lots people are logging in and simply enough, the server is getting "crashed out".

Before the release of Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet made lots of Stress Tests, so players can start out playing Guild Wars 2 immediately, and without any Errors at all. Of course that they did not expect to come into this. Lots of players logging in and out at once, like thousands on a second!

It's been already been said from ArenaNet that they are doing their best to fix this error and hopefully we will  play Guild Wars 2 "in peace" again, after a few hours!


Anonymous said...

haha, I got kicked out in the middle of playing! ;D

Anonymous said...

I hope they will fix it soon :)

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